WEP Clinical (“WEP”)’s management team met on 16 March 2020 to discuss the Coronavirus pandemic and agreed to invoke the Group’s Business Continuity plan.

WEP believe that fast and decisive leadership is required in combating the spread of Covid 19, enabling us to continue to provide lifesaving medicines throughout this crisis.

Trading continues as normal

WEP will continue to trade as normal and will continue to supply drugs and other pharmaceutical products to hospitals, clinics and other institutions around the world.

WEP employees

At this point in time, no WEP employees have been diagnosed with Coronavirus, nor are any WEP employees reporting signs of illness which could lead to a positive diagnosis. Critical employees, being warehouse staff and some management, will continue to come into the offices in Chiswick, London, UK and Morrisville, North Carolina, USA. Non-critical employees, including cross-trained employees who could work in the warehouse and some management, will work from home until further notice.

Critical Suppliers

Contingency plans have been activated with all our critical suppliers, with daily updates being provided by key couriers and logistics firms and wholesale distributors.

Alternative warehouses

Our alternative warehousing facility in Portugal is on standby.

Next communication

A further statement will be released as and when anything changes and at least weekly until further notice.

How to contact us

Please reach out to your normal contact person by email or mobile/cell phone, alternatively please send any queries to