WEP Clinical’s Market Access team can help you maximize the potential for your product in the European market. We work closely with each of our clients to understand their unique product and develop the best strategy for driving access. Find out more in the boxes below about how we can help your company, whatever your needs and prior experience in Europe.


Are you considering a European strategy involving the transition from EAP to commercial sales?


Are you considering making your FDA-approved product available in the European market?


Is your pipeline in late stage clinical development and are you looking towards commercialisation in Europe?


Companies wishing to commercialise their product in Europe will firstly need to file for European Marketing Approval via the EMA (European Marketing Authorisation), which can take between 12-18 months to complete.

During this period, the WEP Clinical Market Access team will work with your company to set out the strategy to secure access and reimbursement across each of the top 5 EU countries.

New Market Analysis

For companies looking to fully understand the opportunity to pursue a Marketing Authorisation within the EU5 for their FDA-approved product, WEP Clinical can help to uncover and resolve some of the uncertainty and pitfalls of securing access and reimbursement across the various healthcare systems in Europe.

Our team works round the clock to understand all these different variables in order to provide our clients with an informed evidence-based framework for portfolio investment decisions.


For companies with promising new treatments in late stage clinical trials for rare or orphan diseases, WEP Clinical can help you understand the value of your asset with respect to securing marketing authorisation from EMA and having the capability to then pursue access and reimbursement across the leading EU5 European markets.