At WEP Clinical, we pride ourselves on our global distribution capabilities. From our strategically positioned warehousing facilities in the United States (North Carolina) and the United Kingdom (London), we can distribute product on behalf of pharmaceutical companies, Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) and patients across the world. We have purposefully located our facilities close to international airports to provide a seamless and prompt gateway to global destinations. All of our warehousing facilities comply to GDP standards, having been inspected and approved by the established regulatory and licensing bodies. We have the capability to receive, store and distribute products at ambient, refrigerated and frozen temperatures and are equipped with exacting levels of quality & security to ensure product safety throughout its journey.


All products stored at our warehouse facilities undergo regular inventory checks. We ensure that stock forecasts (based on sales histories) are fed back to our sponsors, to help inform their manufacturing schedules and avoid unnecessary disruptions.

For hospitals and HCPs, we have the ability to strategically source product to meet drug shortage demands globally in a sensitive and agile manner, which is core to our values of continually exceeding customer and patient needs.

product distrubition

WEP Clinical has extensive experience including quality approved processes in product handling, receipting and distribution. We have the ability to handle consignments from singular units through to pallet load volumes. We have shipped 2000+ unique products globally to date.

We provide:

  • Product quality receipt

  • Product storage (ambient, refrigerated, frozen)

  • Inventory management and reporting

  • Product distribution

Our regulatory expertise and strategic partnerships with logistics specialists allow us to distribute product to over 120 countries worldwide. We provide expertise in global customs clearance processes and ensure complete product control and visibility during transit, resulting in reduced risk of product diversion. Simply put, we have the experience and capability to distribute your product in an expedited and secure manner. We can further support your distribution needs through product billing, invoicing and payment collection.


We have Wholesale Distribution Licenses (WDAs), which allow us to source and sell prescription drugs, globally. We also have Home Office and DEA controlled substance licenses, which allow us to source and distribute Schedule II-V controlled substances, globally. Additionally, our UK facility has a Manufacturers “Specials” License providing us with the ability to carry out secondary packaging activities including over-labelling.

All sourcing and distribution of drugs is done under the strict guidelines of Good Distribution Practice (GDP). WEP Clinical has also created a robust Quality Management System (QMS) which includes approved guidelines, policies and procedures that govern all company processes and procedures.