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Named Patient Programs 

A Named Patient Program (NPP) provides patients and physicians access to medicines that are not available to them in their own country. These drugs must be approved in at least one country, from which it can be imported into the patient’s country under a NPP.

These may be drugs that are:

  • Approved, but not yet commercially available to be prescribed in the patient’s country
  • Approved and available in one country but not approved and available in the patient’s country 
  • Discontinued in the patient’s country but not another
  • In shortage in the patient’s country but not another

Please refer to our Patient and Physicians page or our Sponsors page for further information related to your NPP needs.

To be eligible for an NPP, a patient must have a physician who is willing to prescribe the medicine on the patient’s behalf. If you are looking for information about how to access a pre-approval, investigational drugs, please see our EAP page.