What people are saying

“They are experts in EAPs/Compassionate Use and as a Sponsor, we are impressed with the services provided. Beyond being knowledgeable, detail-oriented, accountable, and effective communicators, WEP Clinical works to build and keep trust with the Sponsor, which cannot be said often of other CROs. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is in need of experts in their field.”
EAP Sponsor in the US
“I want to give a special shout out to [our WEP PM] for her responsiveness, professionalism and attention to detail. She was working after business hours in responding to the sites, and I know we have had a few late-night calls in December to ensure we have all the drugs/kits on-site. I truly enjoyed working with the WEP team and look forward to continuing our collaboration in 2023 in getting this treatment to our patients.”
EAP Sponsor in the US
“Forever grateful for WEP’s full partnership in this program.”
EAP Sponsor in the US
“From day one, there has not been a company with a better team of individuals. So friendly, so intelligent, so polite, so professional….and it goes on and on.”
Vendor Partner in the US
“I very much appreciate WEP’s support working with us on our EAP program and you have been probably our most amazing vendor experience over my last 5 years.”
EAP Sponsor in the US
“It has been great working with you both; your openness to new ideas, flexibility, patience and willingness to adopt and/or suggest many process improvements has been very much appreciated by [our] team during this testing year.”
PA-NPP Sponsor in the US
“The family and we as the treating doctors are extremely happy about this wonderful progress.”
Healthcare Provider
“On behalf of our company, thank you, and on behalf of the patients whose lives you may be extending, thank you thank you thank you.”
EAP Sponsor in the US
“I have no words to describe how thankful I am to you and the rest of the people who, directly or indirectly, made this possible. Thanks a lot for your understanding and please pass my thanks and love to all the researchers and people who gave my family hope.”
EAP Patient in the US
“I am really impressed with your prompt and professional response. I will let the doctor from your board know of your responsiveness to patients in need. Kudos to you.”
Former Director of NIH
“Thank you for your tremendous support, quick reaction, and flexible service in ensuring those patients received their treatment.”
PA-NPP Sponsor in the US
“WEP Clinical, even outside the realm of EAPs/Compassionate Use studies, is the best CRO I have worked with. They are advanced in the qualities necessary to run successful studies and programs.”
EAP Sponsor in the US
“WEP has been great. I have worked with a few vendors in the past, and where I think WEP truly excels is customer service. They are incredibly responsive, have been adaptable to our needs, and I feel like I have always had access to all layers of the organization whenever I needed it.”
EAP Sponsor in the US
“Overall very impressed with the process, the teams experience, and your client focus. Again, thank you for your partnership and service to us and our patients. It is valued and appreciated.”
PA-NPP Sponsor in the US
“I am totally impressed how fast the pack has arrived in the pharmacy and already is with the happy patient.”
PA-NPP Site in Germany
“There are some moments when I realize that the world is still fine including that moment to receive your messages that send hope and life.”
Patient in Egypt
“What also sets them apart from other companies, in my opinion, is that their patient focus is palpable. They bring urgency and compassion and creativity to what they do to ensure patients in need can get lifesaving medicines. A lot of companies say that, and some do it, but I definitely put WEP in the Patients First category.”
EAP Sponsor in the US
“Wow! I am so impressed with how everyone on this email has pitched in. Truly I can’t thank you enough! You all have been amazing.”
Physician in the US
“I wanted to let you know that your team has been fabulous…they are organized, their emails are always professional, everything is explained simply and they are quick to respond to questions.”
EAP Sponsor in the US
“You are so awesome! I wish all suppliers were this good. Thanks again.”
Commercial Product Procurement Specialist
“I feel reassured that our hospital will receive a top quality service from WEP and that you value us as a customer.”
Hospital Procurement Pharmacist
“Our team was very complimentary about how responsive and helpful you have all been along the way and appreciate the collaborative effort between our team and the WEP team.”
EAP Sponsor in the US
“I would like to sincerely thank you for your support during my tenure. My job would not be successful without your help.”
Senior Supply Chain Manager
“You have been extraordinarily kind and efficient. What a great service you offer.”
EAP Patient in the US
“It’s been a tremendous example of teamwork, the efforts of your company and ours, and I’m very grateful for your partnership.”
EAP Sponsor in the US
“Thanks for your continuous support and help, I really appreciate it.”
Physician in Egypt
“It’s good to know that you will go the extra effort to ensure a reliable service for our hospital  and that you appreciate and understand how delays to deliveries can impact our service and the patient. I am looking forward to working with you on an ongoing basis in the future.”
Hospital Procurement Pharmacist
“Thank you for that positively excellent and detailed explanation. It is very much appreciated. You and your team are a joy to work with.”
EAP Sponsor in the US
“Your team has clearly done a lot of work to temper the company’s expectations and adapt processes for clinical teams.”
EAP Sponsor in the US
“I think it is important for your readers to know that WEP is superb to work with and make it easy to walk you through every step in the process.”
Hypersomnia Patient in the US
“Thanks again. It’s been a true pleasure to work with you all on this program.”
EAP Sponsor in the US
“WEP has been so supportive with all the paperwork and drug supply.”
EAP Sponsor in the US
“Thanks for your efforts and hope we can work together once again.”
Physician in Egypt
“Thank you so much for your time and effort it’s truly appreciated.”
Erdheim-Chester Disease Patient in Australia
“I want you to know how much I enjoyed our conversation at Global Genes. I can’t tell you how much I admire the company you’ve formed.”
Patient Advocacy Group Director in the US
“Thank you for the update and your superb customer service. We do genuinely appreciate your willingness to try to keep a happy customer, and this will definitely help us to keep coming back with future orders. WEP has been a great vendor to work with and glad we were able to find you guys.”
Sr. Manager, Materials Management
“Thanks for all your informative articles on Facebook and LinkedIn, we find them very valuable and always look forward to the next one.”
Supplier, Latvia
“Thanks for your support and the excellent engagement process.”
EAP physician
“We have just referred your company, WEP, as the one that currently works best in terms of processes and importation of medicines. I wanted to let you know this because although we are very demanding, we also acknowledge when a company stands out of the crowd.”
Local Health Authority Representative
“Thanks for all your help and direction. It is so nice to have some hope. God Bless.”
Cholangiocarcinoma Patient’s Husband in the US
“I truly appreciate your efforts, professionalism, and quick turnaround!”
Executive Director, Pharmaceutical Development
“Thank you so much… Outstanding customer service!”
Project Manager
“Dear WEP Clinical – Fantastic job. You are a class act.”
Global Head of Expanded Access Programs
“I want to especially thank you for your flexibility and creativity in ‘going with us’ on this journey. You’ve been largely unflappable, and I know we’ve thrown you plenty about which to be ‘flapped’. In conversation with our CEO yesterday, he was very complimentary of your performance to date. He doesn’t come by compliments often…Many thanks again and congratulations on this important milestone.”
VP Clinical Operations
“Thanks for your email and client service. You are our new ‘go to company’ and I have only heard good things from the PM team.”
Sourcing Manager
“Thanks so much for all you do. You guys have become a preferred vendor for us.”
Associate Director Project Management
“Thank you! The excellent service is hard to turn down!”
Project Coordinator
“Impressed with the attention and service.”
President and CEO
“You guys come thru in a great way when we need a product and that makes my job that much easier.”
Senior Business Development Analyst
“We really think that you and your team are amazing with the customer service, deliverable, and quality. Please extend our appreciation to you and your team members you guys are awesome!”
Associate Project Manager, Comparator Program
“There have been several complimentary emails flying back and forth about you and WEP Clinical.”
Global Director, Commercial Operation
“The other companies should look to WEP Clinical when they want to know how it’s done!”
Purchasing Director, Biopharma Services
“The team at WEP Clinical are responsive, accurate and diligent – thank you!”
EU Director
“The responsiveness from WEP Clinical is like we’re in the same office.”
Purchasing Manager
“This was a difficult product to procure and your team was on top of it from day one.”
Project Manager
“Cannot believe you got this to us so quickly, you delivered as you said you would, Thank You.”
Site Coordinator
“You were the only company that said it was possible, you got us out of a hole – very, very much appreciated.”
CTS Manager
“Thank you for all the extra effort you put in to get us the product on time.”
BD Director
“We look forward to growing our partnership with WEP Clinical, thanks for the support.”
Supply Chain Director
“Will keep in touch with you for the future as I think you are great contacts.”
Pompe Disease Patient in New Zealand
“Thank you again for such a great opportunity!!! We are excited to partner with WEP Clinical and make a difference in pediatric oncology facilities in less developed countries!”
Patient Advocacy Group Director in the US
“I just want you to know that we really appreciate what you did for us.”
Erdheim-Chester Disease Patient in South Africa
“You guys continue to be all I could hope for in a partner.”
VP, Clinical Operations
“I wish to express my deepest gratitude to you for so fervently pursuing this matter. Your kind assistance is deeply appreciated.”
Cystic Fibrosis Patient in Barbados