research nursing for decentralized clinical trials

In 2021, WEP Clinical acquired UK-based clinical nursing solutions company Wren Healthcare. Wren’s already successful business model, coupled with WEP’s US nursing capabilities, allows us to offer first-in-class nursing solutions for Decentralized Clinical Trials across the US and Europe.

Research nursing services for decentralized clinical trials are widely being adopted to help sponsors and CROs introduce more flexibility and efficiency to the clinical trial model, while still yielding high quality and meaningful results.

Through WEP’s Clinical Research Nursing services, we provide patients with the same high quality, expert service they receive at hospitals/study sites, just in the comfort of their own home. Our nurses bring the clinical trial to the patient by conducting study procedures, administering treatments, monitoring patient outcomes, and managing the delivery of specimens to a designated laboratory, all from within the patient home.

Our team of research nurses are ICH-GCP certified and have extensive clinical experience caring for diverse patient groups across multiple therapy areas, including Oncology, Hematology, Rare Diseases, Neurological Diseases and Rheumatology. WEP nurses engage in ongoing research and competency training and are supported by a Clinical Trial Nurse Management team.

Clinical Research Nursing Services

With clinical trial nurses covering the US, UK, and the EU, WEP can work with sponsors, CROs, and study sites to provide extensive services, including:

  • Sample collection

  • Intravenous infusions

  • Injections

  • Centrifuge operation

  • Observations/ Vital Signs/ECG’s

  • Patient education

Our team of clinical trial nurses understand the specific demands of research and are very well-versed in the care of research patients of all ages, many of whom have a combination of health conditions and/or rare diseases participating in studies of varying complexity.

patient support programs

WEP’s Patient Support Programs allow our clinical nurses to build and maintain trusting relationships with patients so that each patient is provided the appropriate level and type of support they need to enhance their treatment journey at all stages.

WEP nurses combine their expert knowledge and holistic care to ensure individualized treatment plans are understood by the patient and administered and followed, as outlined by the sponsor. Through a range of tools including in-person visits and telehealth, our nursing team provides high quality care and increased access to patients, while also ensuring a low patient burden. Additionally, nurses can collect and document ongoing patient data for the sponsor, enabling continued analyses and insight generation.

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