Named Patient Programs

WEP Clinical, Your “trusted partner” for Named Patient Programs

These are programs that provide patients access to medicines that are no longer in development and are approved for use but for some reason are not available in the territory where they are needed. When patients are unable to access these medicines, it can lead to disruption in patient therapy or could potentially contribute to a negative patient outcome. These may be drugs that are:

  • Available in one country but not another
  • Have been discontinued but some patients still need them. These can be provided from another country where they are still available
  • Are an alternative to a discontinued or unavailable treatment – such as a generic equivalent

WEP Clinical can:

  • Source the relevant medicine you require in the most appropriate global territory
  • Identify the relevant supply chain mechanism required to compliantly secure the product
  • Quickly obtain the product and deliver according to GDP standards
  • Provide relevant documentation (e.g. CofA, CofC, TSE) to assure pedigree

For more information contact:
+1 919 694 5088
+44 208 004 8186