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">">With Every Patient At WEP Clinical, we are With Every Patient, as we believe every patient should have access to treatment!With this as our guiding principle, we operate as a Pharmaceutical Services Provider that partners [...]

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Nursing Services

Research Nursing for Decentralized Clinical Trials In 2021, WEP Clinical acquired Wren Healthcare, a clinical nursing solutions company. With the addition of Wren Healthcare, we now offer first-in-class Nursing Services for Decentralized Clinical Trials globally. To learn more [...]

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Value of Real World Data in EAP

COLLECTING REAL WORLD DATA IN EAPs We recognize the tremendous value Real World Data (RWD) can offer in the pre-approval space and work closely with our Sponsors to understand the opportunity for RWD collection [...]

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Collecting RWD in EAPs

WHY COLLECT REAL WORLD DATA IN AN EXPANDED ACCESS PROGRAM? Expanded Access Programs (EAPs) provide sponsors the opportunity to collect meaningful Real World Data (RWD), i.e. data on health care that is [...]

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PA-NPP Product Uptake By Country

Product Uptake By Country PA-NPPs adhere to strict legislation regarding the supply of unlicensed medicines on an unsolicited request basis. As such, there are many factors that determine the level of uptake in a [...]

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Nursing Services

research nursing for decentralized clinical trials In 2021, WEP Clinical acquired UK-based clinical nursing solutions company Wren Healthcare. Wren’s already successful business model, coupled with WEP’s US nursing capabilities, allows us to offer [...]

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Case Studies

Case Studies WEP Clinical is committed to supporting companies in the pharmaceutical industry to help make much-needed medicines available to patients, physicians, hospitals and R&D centers. EAP PA-NPP Market Access Nursing Expanded Access Check out [...]

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Resources All Resources| Real World Data Resources| Market Access Resources| Expanded Access Resources| Open Label Extensions Resources| Post-Approval Patient Programs Resources| Building Stakeholder Engagement Through EAPs 4th March 2024/DOWNLOAD PDF International Recognition Procedure 19th [...]

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Post-Approval Named Patient Programs

Post-Approval Named Patient Programs A Post-Approval Named Patient Program (PA-NPP) allow Sponsors to make their approved medicines available in countries where they are not yet approved or commercially available. Post-Approval Named Patient Programs A Post-Approval [...]

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EAP Versus OLE Study

EAP VERSUS OLE Both an Open Label Extension (OLE) and an Expanded Access Program (EAP) can be used to provide continued treatment access after phase 3 clinical trials have ended. To help companies understand [...]

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