A patient living in the Caribbean had been suffering from a genetic lung disorder since a young age and had found there were no effective treatments available in his home country. His local physician decided to refer the patient to a specialist in the US who prescribed him an FDA-approved prescription inhaled antibiotic used to improve breathing symptoms. However, the drug was not approved in the patient’s country and there was no way of gaining access without travelling to and from the US for each repeat prescription, which was not feasible in the long-run. The patient’s family, therefore, reached out to WEP Clinical in a desperate attempt to find a solution.


WEP Clinical’s first approach was to contact the drug manufacturer on the patient’s behalf and request assistance. The manufacturer responded to say they have an access program in place for patients who cannot access the medication through normal channels. However, the program could only cover US patients, which meant the young Caribbean patient was not eligible. As such, WEP Clinical and the manufacturer worked together to set up a completely new access program for this individual patient. The manufacturer provided the drug, and WEP Clinical worked with the local regulatory agency to gain import approval. We then worked directly with the company’s logistics partner to organize the delivery to the patient’s local physician. The manufacturer and WEP Clinical now work together to send repeat deliveries to this patient every 6 months.