An antidote not registered in Italy but used regularly by hospitals on an unlicensed basis, due to lack of domestic product, was facing a worldwide shortage. As such, hospitals across the country could no longer procure the Canadian version of the drug which they usually used. The hospitals needed this product immediately, due to the risk of patients dying if not treated within a 5-day period. Desperate to find a quick and reliable supply of a suitable alternative, the hospitals reached out to WEP Clinical to see if we could help.


A quick initial search of the product showed us that the product is not available at all across Europe, even when it isn’t facing a shortage. We, therefore, did not waste time contacting our EU suppliers, and instead focused our search solely on suppliers in ROW. This helped save time, which was important due to the time-sensitive element of this request. Our sourcing and procurement team was able to find a suitable supplier in Australia with stock readily available which could be shipped out immediately. The medicine arrived in Italy just three days after we received the requests from the hospitals, helping us to provide critical treatment and save patient lives.