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Sponsors may only be able to focus on specific key markets when seeking approval for their drugs. Often these are well-established markets, like Europe, the US and Japan, as well as other markets which provide large patient populations.

However, sponsors could benefit from allowing access to their products in markets outside of their commercialization plans. This would allow companies to:

  • Deal with unsolicited patient request for drug in an ethical and regulatory controlled manner
  • Provide exposure to and experience with company products to physicians in additional countries and build a larger KOL network and future advocates
  • Provide new products to patients who would move to commercial drug when it becomes available in these countries
  • Generate additional revenues

Because there are numerous restrictions and regulations that apply on a country by country basis, providing access to medicine can be a very complex and daunting task. WEP Clinical has many years of experience helping sponsors supply their products in new regions.

If you are a sponsor and want to make your drugs available in countries where they are currently unavailable or not yet approved, please contact us at: