Established in 2008, WEP Clinical is a specialist services company that works with sponsors to help patients and physicians gain early access to medicines when no other treatment options are available. We have offices located in RTP North Carolina, London United Kingdom, Lisbon Portugal and Dublin Ireland and possess all the necessary licenses allowing us to meet drug access and distribution needs across all regions, worldwide.

We are passionate about helping those in need. To find out more about how we might be able to help you, check out our core services below.

Expanded Access Programs (EAP)

Working with sponsors in the biotech and pharmaceuticals space, WEP Clinical sets up and manages programs to provide pre-approval drug access to patients around the world suffering from a variety of diseases. Our strong understanding of the regulatory processes and logistics involved, coupled with our commitment to providing first-class project management, allows us to ensure that sponsor expectations are met and patient medical needs are fulfilled.

Post-Approval Named Patient Programs (PA-NPP)

WEP Clinical provides PA-NPP services for companies with drugs that are commercially available to patients in select countries. These programs are for sponsors that want to provide drug to patients in countries outside of their commercialization plan. From the required regulatory filings, through to product handling and delivery, WEP Clinical offers an efficient, end-to-end drug distribution model, making us an ideal partner to support sponsor named patient needs.


WEP Clinical has the appropriate regulatory expertise to helpĀ  companies gain drug approval and subsequent product sales in additional countries or regions, once a product has been approved in one or more territory. WEP Clinical can help a company expand into new markets, win tenders and secure an exclusive supply chain, set product pricing, store and handle temperature-controlled and ambient product and manage delivery to hospitals and patients worldwide.

Clinical Trial Sourcing

WEP Clinical has expertise in sourcing and distributing pharmaceutical products to help facilitate global drug development and clinical research efforts. We source directly from manufacturers and other approved distributors and partner with leading logistics and courier companies, to protect product integrity and ensure efficient product delivery. Whether your company is in need of comparator drugs or reference listed drugs (RLD), WEP Clinical can help meet your needs.

Hospital UNLICENSED Supply

WEP Clinical helps Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) access medicines which are unlicensed, not commercially available or facing shortage in their country. Our team of country managers have the expertise and local-language speaking capabilities to handle drug requests from across the globe and are supported by in-house sourcing, warehousing and regulatory teams. This, coupled with our strategic partnerships with trusted logistics and shipping partners, allows us to provide the right medicine at the right time.

Warehouse & distribution

WEP Clinical has experience warehousing and shipping ambient, refrigerated (2-8C) and frozen product. From our US and UK warehouse facilities, we can distribute drugs globally. Our warehousing facilities meet the highest standards of GDP, and their proximity to international airports aids in rapid distribution. Whether you need to source product or conduct an EAP/PA-NPP, our capabilities provide an end to end solution for our customers.