An oncology product was in short supply all over Europe and hospitals in Spain were running out of stock. This was an important, first-line treatment, that was needed in large quantities for cancer patients. As such, managing the shortage or finding a viable alternative that would meet demand in terms of quantities needed was critical. Due to the inability of the national supply to meet patient demand, the national health agency reached out to WEP Clinical to request assistance.


WEP Clinical has experience providing medicines facing shortage across the whole of Europe. Because of this, we often find that we receive requests from hospitals or health agencies in one country to manage supply of a product that we have previously provided to other countries. That was the case for this product in Spain. We had already sourced the drug for hospitals in central European countries which had run out of supply earlier that month. This meant we had an established supply chain in place that we could utilize to quickly and efficiently meet the needs of Spanish oncology patients. In this way, WEP Clinical was able to guarantee continuity of treatment until the national supply of the product was resumed