WEP Clinical was in the sourcing phase for a particular specialty drug needed for a customer’s clinical trial. Due to the large quantity needed for the study, our authorized distributors could only agree to provide the drug in installments over a given period of time, rather than providing the whole amount all at once. However, when the purchasing process was initiated, the manufacturer started putting restrictions in place and blocking the sale of the drug. This meant that future instalments of the product would not make it to the customer to satisfy the whole order.


WEP Clinical had direct discussions with the manufacturer of the drug and subsequently came to an agreement to approve the remaining quantity required to satisfy the order. No customer or study details were required to be shared with the manufacturer. This led to a new direct relationship with a specialty drug manufacturer and the ability to go directly to the Director of Trade to purchase their products moving forward. This particular situation resulted in a satisfied customer as well as a new supplier for WEP Clinical.