Italian hospitals were facing a nation-wide shortage of an important vaccine used to treat critical patients. There were no alternative treatment options available in the country and even the national medicines agency, AIFA, was struggling to find a solution. Usually, WEP Clinical will receive product requests from individual hospitals or pharmacies. However, due to the huge need for this product in this situation, a regional medical division, representing the needs of all local hospitals in the area, reached out to WEP Clinical to request help finding a solution.


Unfortunately, Italy was not the only country facing a shortage at this time, and supply was running low across Europe. As such, after utilizing our extensive network of EU suppliers, we found we would not be able to source the product in large enough quantities to meet the patient demand in Italy. We, therefore, had to extend our search to outside the continent. After doing so, our sourcing and procurement team was able to find a source of the Vaccine in Israel. This product came with all the product documents that were required by AIFA and could be provided in large batches. As such, WEP Clinical was able to meet the product demands of the hospitals in the initial region, as well as those in additional regions, which contacted us subsequently.