WEP Clinical was contacted by a company located outside North America which wanted to access a controlled substance from the US. This was the first time WEP Clinical had received such a request and also the first time the customer had made a request for a controlled substance. As such, it was a new process for both entities. We both held the proper licensure. However, the sheer number of various DEA forms needed, coupled with the number of local health authority documents needed in the end user’s country, made for a challenging process.


As a response, WEP Clinical did our research and built out a dedicated paperwork and communication path to follow when receiving future requests for export of controlled substances. WEP Clinical now has a robust and decisive process in place for handling all controlled substance export requests, no matter where in the world a customer’s trial or study is taking place. We also have an immediate contact with the DEA export office as well as dedicated, local DEA authorities that allow us an efficient turn around on even the most unique controlled substance exports.