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Turn your Data into Evidence

Real World Evidence (RWE) is fast becoming an integral part of any successful EAP.

What is RWE?

Providing an investigational drug under an EAP protocol, allows a Sponsor to collect Real World Data (RWD) from patients enrolled in the program. RWD is defined as everything that goes beyond what is normally collected in the clinical trial setting in terms of efficacy and safety. When compiled and analyzed, this data becomes Real World Evidence (RWE).

Why is RWE important?

RWE provides an important insight into how a drug works in a practical, real-life setting, outside the tightly controlled boundaries of a clinical trial. Regulators are increasingly recognizing the value of such evidence and have been emphasizing its usefulness in aiding decision-making. New legislation in countries across the world is now recommending that RWE be generated and used by Sponsors to supplement clinical trial data when seeking marketing approval for an investigational drug.

How WEP Clinical can help

Capturing meaningful RWE is complex if you don’t know what data to collect and how. Finding a partner that can guide you through the process and support all your data collection needs is vital. At WEP Clinical, we offer a robust data collection platform that can be tailored to fit your program, at any stage and any scope. Leveraging our expertise and in-house tools, Sponsors can ensure real-time data collection and review, data validity, patient confidentiality, and regulatory compliance across international borders.

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Real World Data
Real World Data