It is not uncommon for a physician to come across a patient who, for whatever reason, cannot receive the conventional treatment for their pathology. It may be due to age, physical limitations, allergies to certain drug components or ingredients, issues surrounding concomitant medication, etc. A physician in Spain had one such patient who was unable to undertake the regular treatment via an oral administration route involving solid tablets. The physician was unable to find a suitable alternative treatment, as an approved alternative was not available in the country. The national health agency reached out to WEP Clinical on behalf of this physician to request help finding a suitable medicine.


Our Spanish Country Manager first checked with our other European country managers to see if any had come across this situation before. The answer was no, so our sourcing and procurement team started the search from scratch, using our extensive network of European suppliers. Unfortunately, the team could find no viable alternative. As such, we expanded our search and were able to locate a suitable candidate in another continent that perfectly fitted the need of the patient. We acquired all the necessary documentation on the product to ensure the Spanish health agency could approve it as an unlicensed alternative treatment option for the patient. WEP Clinical was, therefore, able to ensure that a patient’s unique treatment needs were met and fulfilled efficiently.