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Fulfilling your Labelling Needs

In some scenarios, certain medicinal products require a bespoke label when supplied to specific countries as an unlicensed medicine. WEP Clinical provides a time-and cost-effective solution for over-labeling of unlicensed medicines which are supplied to exact specifications and contain a unique patient information leaflet (PIL). We can translate text (strictly version controlled) from the original PIL & carton into the desired local language, print off the new over-label, and prepare the pack according to the requirements specified by the customer and patient.

Service Tailored to your Needs

Any quantities available (from one pack to multiple batches), local language labels and PILs with full version control and oversight.

Quality Assurance

Conducted under UK MHRA inspected and approved facilities, all batches are quality controlled and checked by our in-house specialist pharmacists. We comply with the relevant monographs in the British Pharmacopeia (BP) to ensure the highest standards of label content are maintained.

Patient Outcome

This service helps improve patient safety by having a label that contains all necessary patient precautions and advice to meet specific requirements in that territory.

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