A patient in the US suffering from a seriously debilitating disease was struggling to manage his condition. The patient had tried all available treatment options in the US, but none had been effective. The patient was desperate to find some alternative, so his physician looked into treatments being used in Europe that were not yet available in the US. The physician found a promising drug that had EMA-approval and suggested the patient could try that. However, neither the physician nor the patient knew how to go about accessing this drug in a regulatory-compliant manner. The patient had heard about WEP Clinical’s services and decided to contact us to see if we could provide a solution.


WEP Clinical has experience navigating the importation process for unlicensed products into the US, so we were happy to help with this patient request. We first researched the different sourcing options, to find the best product price for the patient. We then bought the drug on the patient’s behalf and stored it in our UK warehousing facility. Concurrently, we worked with the patient and the physician to complete all the necessary paperwork that would need to accompany the shipment to the US. Once everything was in place, we utilized our strategic partnership with leading logistics and courier companies to ensure quick and successful delivery of the product to the patient’s physician in the US.