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Using ROW suppliers to fulfil EU requests for medicine facing shortage


An antidote not registered in Italy but used regularly by hospitals on an unlicensed basis, due to lack of domestic product, was facing a worldwide shortage. As such, hospitals across the country could no longer procure the Canadian version of the drug which they usually used. The hospitals needed this product immediately, due to the risk of patients dying if not treated within a 5-day period. Desperate to find a […]

Extensive EU supplier network helps us fulfil hospital request for drug facing shortage


An oral solution used for radiological investigational purposes was facing a nation-wide shortage in the UK, due to issues with the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API). Hospitals across the country needed this product urgently and many required large quantities. Individual hospital pharmacy sourcing teams began reaching out to our UK Country Manager to see if he could find a way to provide stock from outside the UK to help alleviate the […]

Sourcing product to meet high demand during drug shortage


An oncology product was in short supply all over Europe and hospitals in Spain were running out of stock. This was an important, first-line treatment, that was needed in large quantities for cancer patients. As such, managing the shortage or finding a viable alternative that would meet demand in terms of quantities needed was critical. Due to the inability of the national supply to meet patient demand, the national health […]

Providing solution for patient not able to use conventional approved products


It is not uncommon for a physician to come across a patient who, for whatever reason, cannot receive the conventional treatment for their pathology. It may be due to age, physical limitations, allergies to certain drug components or ingredients, issues surrounding concomitant medication, etc. A physician in Spain had one such patient who was unable to undertake the regular treatment via an oral administration route involving solid tablets. The physician […]

Our strong presence across EU helps us manage UK requests for unavailable medicine


An important oncology product was facing a nation-wide shortage in the UK which was lasting longer than expected, as the QA-release of the UK-licensed stock was being continuously postponed. There are currently no alternative treatment options available for the cancer patients using this product. As such, when hospitals across the country found themselves running out, they needed to find a way of quickly replenishing stock. This issue was so urgent […]

Sourcing from less-established markets in emergency situation


Italian hospitals were facing a nation-wide shortage of an important vaccine used to treat critical patients. There were no alternative treatment options available in the country and even the national medicines agency, AIFA, was struggling to find a solution. Usually, WEP Clinical will receive product requests from individual hospitals or pharmacies. However, due to the huge need for this product in this situation, a regional medical division, representing the needs […]


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