A rare disease patient advocacy group based in the US was receiving requests from patients in outlier countries who wanted to gain access to an EMA- and FDA-approved product not commercially available in their home countries. These patients had no other treatment options available to them and were at risk of experiencing worsening symptoms which could lead to emergency surgery. The advocacy group wanted to help these patients but did not know how to get the product into these countries where it is not registered.


The advocacy group partnered with WEP Clinical to benefit from our experience making product available to patients in neglected or hard to reach areas on an unlicensed basis. In this instance, we were able to source the product from a local wholesaler at a relatively inexpensive cost and hold it at our UK warehouse facility. We then worked directly with the patients and their physicians to understand and fulfil the requirements for unlicensed medicines import into their individual home countries. Once all the paperwork was in place, our strategic partnerships with leading logistics and courier companies allowed us to deliver the product to the patients’ countries, clear it through customs, and transport it on to the treating physicians.