Describe Your Job Role At WEP Clinical

As the Logistics and Warehouse Manager at WEP Clinical, I am responsible for overseeing everything that comes in and out of our UK facilities. This means working closely with our office staff to understand what they need in order to fulfil their client and customer requests for much-needed medicines. This can be one of our Project Managers who needs to receive stock from an EAP partner and then send it back out to a study site. Or, it can be a Country Manager who needs to order in product to store in our warehouse and send out to hospitals around the EU, when requested. I then manage a team of great warehouse employees who help ensure these needs are met, and we are receiving, handling, storing, and sending out the right medicine at the right time.

Why Did You Apply For A Job At WEP Clinical?

I visited the WEP Clinical website before I applied for the first role, and I knew that’s the company that I would like to work for. The main mission for WEP Clinical was and still is to help someone at the end so when I successfully became to be a part of the team was a great feeling. Also, I was looking for a place which could offer me a room for career development and individual growth and after 3 years in the company I can confidently say that was the best decision in my professional career.

What Do You Like Best About Working At WEP Clinical?

I really enjoy the family atmosphere at WEP Clinical and fact that everyone’s working for the same goal and support each other. Also, there’s a lot of challenges you need to face every day but there is always someone to help you or share their time to listen to you – even in the middle of the night!”

But, for me, the best part of working at WEP Clinical is that at the end of day – even most challenging one – you know that you’ve helped someone or even saved someone’s life. I have learned while working at WEP Clinical that everything’s possible and you can make it happen.