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Helping customer find comparator product that meets strict clinical trial requirements


A customer was looking for a comparator drug for their clinical trial. In the US, the drug that was required was on major allocation, and the limited quantities available in the market would not allow for them to source enough product to run their trial. To add additional complexity of the request, the trial protocol required the company to use product that had a US origin, so they could not […]

Sourcing large quantities of product for clinical trial


WEP Clinical was in the sourcing phase for a particular specialty drug needed for a customer’s clinical trial. Due to the large quantity needed for the study, our authorized distributors could only agree to provide the drug in installments over a given period of time, rather than providing the whole amount all at once. However, when the purchasing process was initiated, the manufacturer started putting restrictions in place and blocking […]

Sourcing and distributing controlled substances


WEP Clinical was contacted by a company located outside North America which wanted to access a controlled substance from the US. This was the first time WEP Clinical had received such a request and also the first time the customer had made a request for a controlled substance. As such, it was a new process for both entities. We both held the proper licensure. However, the sheer number of various […]

Using our extensive network of suppliers to meet difficult product request


A small, local pharmaceutical manufacturer was running a clinical trial to assess their Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension product. Just after patient enrollment, their existing drug supplier notified them that they could not access the comparator they needed to conduct their trial. Given that the patients were in the enrollment process, and the sites had already been initiated and trained, the sponsor was in dire need of access to the comparator product.  […]


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