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Clinical Trial Sourcing Consultancy

It is more important than ever before for companies to be able to access pharmaceutical products from safe, efficient and reliable sources. Equally important is the need for companies to recognize that issues in procurement and delivery of product often arise, and a successful company must be able to manage these issues so as not to disrupt clinical trial efforts or product development.

Drawing on our vast experience supplying/sourcing and distributing comparator and innovator (RLD) pharmaceutical products on a global scale, WEP Clinical can offer guidance on the following:

  • Creating clinical trial protocols to allow for the most efficient sourcing of comparator product
  • Identifying and vetting supply sources
  • Quantifying your projected comparator supply cost        
  • Understanding guidelines for shipping and logistics both internationally and domestically
  • Understanding Importing and Exporting documentation and requirements
  • Managing supply issues and interruptions

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