The importance of Real World Data

Upcoming US legislation, known as the 21st Century Cures Act, will incorporate more of the patient experience into drug development. There will be a focus on structured collection of data from patients about the personal [...]

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The Orphan Drug Act

Historically, pharmaceutical companies have focused their efforts on developing so-called ‘blockbuster' drugs, i.e. those drugs that treat common conditions, with large patient populations, and that are expected to generate revenues greater than $1 billion per [...]

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Cancer Moonshot

Proponents of the 21st Century Cures Act believe that, once the Bill becomes law, countless Americans across all age groups, disease spaces, and socio-economic backgrounds, will stand to benefit. This will certainly be the case for cancer patients and their families, as the Bill promises to invest $1.8 billion dollars into Vice President Joe Biden’s Cancer Moonshot program. ...Read More

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Gene Therapy

In September of 1990, the first gene therapy clinical trial approved for use in a human was carried out, led by American physician, W. French Anderson, MD. It was an exciting time for scientists, patients, and pharmaceutical companies, all of which were poised to benefit from this new and exciting scientific discovery ...Read More

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