NAVIGATING THROUGH sponsor aquisitions and changeovers while providing an EXPANDED ACCESS program


Rare progressive genetic disorder

Drug Type


Trial Phase

Completed Phase 2

About Sponsor

The Sponsor is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on providing medicines to address unmet patient needs. Based in the US and Europe, the company develops drugs to treat a variety of health conditions in the rare disease space.


During the lifecycle of the EAP, the original sponsor company was acquired twice over by larger organizations. Each time, the performance of the EAP and the WEP Clinical service was reviewed, with the viewpoint that the program could be brought in-house or awarded to a new vendor, if deemed appropriate.

WEP Solution

After each acquisition, the new sponsor was impressed with WEP Clinical’s best-in-class service and chose to continue to trust WEP Clinical with the management of the program. This program remains one of our longest standing EAPs and we have great working relationships with the current sponsor and the EAP sites. In addition, we have been awarded new programs off the back of our continuous efforts to put the sponsors, their sites and their patients first.

Sponsor Testimonial: