Emergency medicine supply service to a patient in Iceland


High-dose methotrexate (HDMTX) toxicity

Drug Type


Where Approved


About the Enquiry 

A hospital from Iceland contacted WEP Clinical to enquire about the availability of a critical care medication for a young child. The child’s health was rapidly decreasing, and the hospital had already tried all other medication available to them, but none had been effective. It was established that the critical care medication was urgently needed for the child, as a last hope at saving their life.


As this was a new hospital request that required urgent action, WEP Clinical fast tracked the approval and verification of the hospital, with the support of the quality unit and regulatory teams. Once all checks were completed, the account was created and our logistics team began making the arrangements to transport the medication. However, it quickly became apparent that the first flight out to Iceland the following morning would not accept cargo, only passengers. This response meant that further action was required from WEP Clinical to meet the critical time frame.

WEP Solution

To overcome the challenge, the WEP Clinical senior management and logistics team arranged for the medication to be hand carried on board the flight. All arrangements were made that same night, securing the on board carry service. The following morning, with all teams in UK & Iceland on standby, the medication arrived as planned, was cleared through customs and was successfully delivered to the hospital. This meant the hospital pharmacist received the medication and the child was treated, all within 24 hours of WEP Clinical receiving the request.