The Spain Country Manager asked for a new customer to be set up in our system the day before the Christmas holidays, so that an urgent shipment for a paediatric patient could be delivered before Christmas. The warehouse had planned to commence the stock take for financial year end at 10am that same day, meaning no more drugs could be sent out after this time. However, the order was for a cold chain product, and there was concern that if it was delayed, the temperature of the medicine would go out of range.


As the patient is always WEP Clinical’s number one priority, a decision was made to delay the stock take to allow time for the new customer to be set up in the system so that the medicine could go out that day. The timelines were tight, but the Country Manager made sure to work directly with our in-house, quality, business administration and warehousing teams to ensure everything was in place on time. This allowed the warehousing team to process the order and place it on a before noon service. The carrier was then contacted to ensure that the shipment was prioritised and tracked throughout the delivery process. The goods were delivered at 9am the following day, demonstrating WEP Clinical’s ability to meet tough deadlines and fulfil patients’ treatment needs.