An EAP versus a clinical trial

Clinical trials have been conducted for decades, and, although people might not know the intricate ins and outs of how trials actually work, most people have at least heard of them. In comparison, Expanded Access, also known as Managed Access, Compassionate Use, Named Patient, etc. is a relatively new phenomenon. ...Read More

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Pharmaceutical Specials

On the market today there are an abundance of medicinal products. Someone with the common everyday flu can go to the pharmacy and find an array of different drugs to treat their symptoms. But occasionally an individual can find that the available medication is not suitable for them. ...Read More

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Twelve stats about big pharma drugs

Did you know that, last year, the FDA approved 45 new drugs? This number might not seem that significant but, in the US, it is actually the highest number of drugs approved in a year since 1996 and the second-highest number in at least 35 years. ...Read More

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How to avoid problems when prescribing unlicensed medicines

Prescribing unlicensed medicines to sick patients, who have exhausted all other viable options, can be an effective life-saving treatment option. However, physicians may be wary of using such a procedure as unlicensed medicines are either not officially approved, or are not officially approved for use by a particular subgroup or for treating a particular condition. ...Read More

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