Patient Engagement and Advocacy Consultancy

“Leveraging the patient voice to accelerate drug development and approval”

Increased exposure via social media, and the growing influence of advocacy groups have allowed patients to have a louder, more influential voice than ever before when it comes to drug development, approval and uptake. Simply put, patients are becoming part of the conversation earlier. It is, therefore, crucial for companies to properly engage respective patient populations.

Working alongside patient advocacy groups will allow you to incorporate the patient voice at every stage, from the early development through commercialization of your products.

WEP Clinical’s patient advocacy activities have provided us a firm insight into how companies can work alongside advocacy groups in order to meet patient needs. Our experience and expertise can help your company understand the following:

  • How to reach out and connect with advocacy groups
  • How to incorporate the patient voice into company operations
  • How to balance patient expectations with the reality of developing and providing medications

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