Named Patient Programs Consultancy

“Reaching new patients in new markets quicker”

Named Patient Programs (NPP) allow sponsors to make their drugs available to patients in countries where they are not yet approved. This can help sponsors reach new markets, engage with KOLs, and ultimately expand the use of its products. To successfully run an NPP, sponsors will need to understand the complexities involved in moving into new markets before marketing approval is received.

At WEP Clinical, we pride ourselves on being able to distribute product to countries all around the world in the most efficient and regulatory compliant manner possible. We use our extensive experience to help you bridge the gap before commercialization rights are received. WEP Clinical can provide guidance on:

  • Developing a policy for allowing access to medicines in countries where they are not yet approved
  • Consistency across different territories
  • Managing patient requests and expectations
  • Navigating the diverse, global regulatory landscape
  • Managing the logistics of distributing product around the world
  • Mitigating risks and any potential legal issues

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